Certificates of License (Motor Fuel)


FDNY certifies companies for Motor Fuel Licensed Installers. The company license is valid for a period of two (2) years.

Fire Code section 114 (PDF) sets forth the proper requirements.

Cost of Certification

The original application fee is $145.00 including the fee of a Computer Based Test.


You can get the application online.
The completed company application, all pertinent documents and fees must be mailed to:

Executive Director of Licensing
Bureau of Fire Prevention
Fire Department – City of New York
9 MetroTech Center – Room 1S -1C
Brooklyn, NY 11201-3857

Get Application (PDF)

Other Requirements or Special Instructions

After an official review of the company application, FDNY will notify the applicant to take the W16 COF Computer Based Test. If the applicant fails the CBT exam, a $145 fee will have to be paid prior to registering for an additional W16 CBT exam.

The company must keep FDNY insurance records and Certificate of License up to date in order to appear on the Approved List.

Renewal Process

A W16 COF holder has to comply with standard Certificate of License renewal procedures and maintain insurance records accurate.

Approved Certifications

List of Approved Motor Fuel Licensed Installers Companies (PDF)

Need Help?

Contact the FDNY by phone.