Certificate of Qualification

Any refrigerating system requiring FDNY permit must be under supervision of a Certificate of Qualification (Q-01 Refrigerating System Operating Engineer) holder while the system is in operation. This Certificate of Qualification is premises related.

The refrigerating system may require to be under personal or general supervision, as set forth in the FC Table 606.1.1

  • If personal supervision is required:
  1. A Q-01 holder must be PRESENT IN THE BUILDING at all times while the refrigerating system is in operation and that the operation of such system is under his or her personal direction and control. On the flip side, if the refrigerating system is shut down, no Q-01 holder is required to be in the building.
  2. A Q-01 holder cannot provide personal supervision, at the same time, for refrigerating systems that are in operation in more than one building. On the flip side, an Q-01 holder can provide personal supervision for the operation of more than one system at the same time provided the systems are all installed IN THE SAME BUILDING.
  • If general supervision is required:
    • A Q-01 holder is not required to be present in the building while the refrigerating system is in operation. However, the Q-01 holder is still responsible at all time to ensure the safe operation of the system and that such system is operated under his/her general direction and control.
  • Additional Work Location(s):
    • Any Certificate of Qualification holder seeking to register more than one work location must provide additional documents listed in the Notice of Exam from all the employer(s) for each work location. $60 application fee will be charged for the additional Certificate of Qualification card.

Certificate of Qualification Cost

Application Cost
Original Application Written Exam $60
Practical $225
Renewal $15

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