F-85 Fire Safety Director With Active Shooter & Medical Emergency Preparedness 


Fire Safety Director is required in any commercial building or occupancy that obtained FDNY approval of the installation of a fire alarm system with two-way voice communication and is required to provide a Fire Safety Director or other specified emergency preparedness staffing during regular business hours required by Chapter 4  (PDF) of the Fire Code.

The F-85 Certificate of Fitness (after meeting additional requirements, specified in the Notice of Examination) replaces the F-25/F-58 Fire Safety Director Certificates of Fitness.

This Certificate of Fitness is valid only at a specific location and for the specific person to whom it is issued.

• Learn More About Applying, Operating and Renewing F-85 Certification

• Learn More About New F-85 & Q-85 Renewal and On-site Exam Procedures (PDF)

Are You Looking for a Certificate of Fitness Variance?

Individuals who work as a Fire Safety Directors and/or Fire Life and Safety Directors in multiple locations (more than two) and are seeking to be certified in additional buildings must submit the Fire Safety Director (F-85) and Fire Life and Safety Director (F-89/T-89) Variance Form (PDF). Please list your current work hours at each location and state the physical building address where you plan on taking the On-Site Exam for a Fire Safety Director and/or Fire Life and Safety Director. The form must be returned with a $200 fee.

Individuals who no longer work at the premises where they were previously certified as a Fire Safety Director and/or Fire Life and Safety Director should return their ID card(s) and the Surrender Certificate of Fitness Form(PDF) back to the Fire Department.

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