T-93 Supervision of Storage, Handling, and Use of Propane Containers and the Portable Space Heaters in Outdoor Dining


Update: Effective 11/02/2020, you now have several options to obtain the T-93 Certificate of Fitness. The T-93 COF can be now be obtained online, as well as by in-person Computer based exam, scheduled group testing or through a special field test.

As set forth in the Mayor’s Emergency Executive Order 153, the FDNY authorizes the limited use of propane for comfort heating of restaurant patrons during the COVID-19 state of emergency. The restaurant owner must ensure that at least one employee of the restaurant obtains the T-93 Certificate of Fitness within three weeks of submitting the attestation (the FDNY permit application).

T-93 Certificate of Fitness holder is responsible for the onsite supervision of connecting and disconnecting the propane containers from the heaters. The handling and use of portable space heaters shall be under the personal supervision of a T-93 Certificate of Fitness holder. Personal supervision means the Certificate of Fitness holder must be personally present in the restaurant to supervise the handling (moving) and the use of the heaters.

The T-93 Certificate of Fitness holder is also authorized to supervise the storage of propane container if the restaurant has the FDNY permit for storing LPG containers.

  • New Application Fees: Due to the pandemic crisis, the fee for T-93 is waived.

This Certificate of Fitness is registered to a specific address and is valid only for the specific person to whom it is issued.

This Certificate of Fitness will be void by the FDNY upon the termination of the COVID-19 state of emergency or the resumption of typical operations at full occupancy by restaurants.

To Obtain the T-93 Certificate of Fitness

You must pass the T-93 exam to get a T-93 Certificate of Fitness. You will have four ways to take this exam: Online exam; In-person computer-based exam; Group appointment exam; Special field exam. The information is included in the Notice of Exam. All applicants should review the Notice of Exam and Study Materials:

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