High-Rise Residential Building Non-Sequential Floor Numbering Filing (FDNY)

In compliance with Section FC408.9.4 of the New York City Fire Code and Fire Department rule 3 RCNY 408-01, the Building Owner indicated below hereby electronically files the attached building information card identifying non-sequential (and/or other non-standard) floor numbering in buildings (or parts thereof) 150 feet or more in height that are classified in Occupancy Group R-2.

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4. Certification

By submitting this electronic filing, the Owner Representative certifies under penalty of perjury that s/he is authorized to make this submission on behalf of the building owner indicated above, and that the attached Building Information Card accurately reflects the non-sequential or other non‑standard floor numbering of the building for which it is being filed. False submissions are punishable by law.

5. Attachment

Upload the non-sequential floor numbering building information card. The attachment must be in JPEG format. An attachment is required to submit this electronic filing.

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