Asphalt Melters

Permit Description

  • Open Fires – Diesel or Propane/LPG Fueled Portable Device(s) – Asphalt/Rubber Melter
Cost of Permit
Equipment Storage $210.00
Storage Cage of Propane/LPG Tanks $210.00
Storage Cabinet for Diesel or Gasoline $105.00

Permit Length

  • Not to exceed 1 year
  • Fire Department Permit expiration will coincide with the Department of Buildings (or   Authority having Jurisdiction) work permit expiration date

Application Requirements

  • Letter of request
  •  Proof of Liability Insurance
  • Department of Buildings (DOB) or Authority having jurisdiction work permit
  • Certificates of Fitness:
    G-40: Torch Operations LPG O2 + Acetylene
    G-60 and F-60 Torch Use of Flammable Gas and Fire Guard for Torch Operations and Construction Site (Must be two different individuals) 
    G-44 Storage and Handling of Liquefied Petroleum Gas or Compressed Natural
    Gas (This is needed if storing LPG/Propane and if storing LPG/Propane G-44 for Storage and Handling)

Additional Information

  • An inspection of the site with the Melter present is required.
  • If it is an existing building, an affidavit from a licensed professional stating the construction of the roof is of non-combustible material is needed.
  • Log of F-60 holders hourly inspection and re-inspection ½ hour and 1 hour after operations cease is required. 

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