Public Assembly Permit

Permit Description 

  • To maintain or operate a place of assembly  

Cost of Permit

  • Fee varies based on the number of occupants

Permit Length 

  • Not to exceed 1 year

Application Requirements

  • Place of Assembly Certificate of Operation from the New York City Department of Buildings.
  • Department of Building approved floor or seating plan(s) related to the place to be inspected. Various copies of required
  • Various copies of required Certificate of Fitness such as: 
    S-95 Supervision of Fire Alarm Systems and other Related Systems
    F-03 Indoor Place of Assembly Safety Personnel
    F-04 Temporary Indoor/Outdoor Place of Assembly Safety Personnel
    F-01 (if required) Citywide Fire Guard for Impairment

Additional Information

See Following Fire Code Sections:

For More Information:

Print Permits

You can print your permit online with the FDNY Quick Print option.

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