Combustible Material Storage Permit

Permit Description

A permit is required to store in any building, structure, premises or facility:

  • More than 2,000 cubic feet gross volume of combustible empty packing cases, boxes, barrels or similar containers, rubber (excluding tires), cork or similar combustible material, including combustible waste, OR
  • More than 1,000 pounds of flammable plastic foam products, regardless of volume.

A permit is NOT REQUIRED for such storage:

  • In buildings or structures protected throughout by a sprinkler system.
  • If the storage is kept exclusively in a dedicated area of a building or structure which is protected throughout by a sprinkler system and separated from the rest of the building or structure by 2-hour fire-resistance-rated construction.
Cost of Permit
Store more than 2,000 cubic feet (57 m3) $105.00
Store flammable plastic foam:
Up to and including 6,000 pounds (2724 kg) $105.00
More than 6,000 pounds (2724 kg) $210.00

Permit Length 

  • A FDNY inspector will visit the premise annually and perform an inspection prior to permit expiration

Application Requirements 

  • Certificate of Occupancy or Department of Buildings Approval. 
  • Official business documentation, such as Tax ID, liability insurance, etc. 

Additional Information 

Get the Following Fire Code Chapter:

  • Fire Code Chapter 23 (PDF)
  • Also Falls Under Various Other Chapter With Respect to Proper Storage and Maintance.

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