Refrigerating System Permit

Permit Description

A permit must be obtained from the Fire Department (FDNY) to maintain or operate a refrigerating system that:

  • Uses a group A1, A2, A3, B1, B2, or B3 refrigerant; or
  • Is mounted on or suspended from a roof or a ceiling; or
  • Is mounted on the floor and has a compressor which is 5 horse power or more.

Cost of Permit

  • $105.00 per compressor

Permit Length

  • A FDNY Inspector will visit the premises annually and perform an inspection prior to permit expiration

Application Requirements

  • Equipment Use Permit, other approved documentation, issued by the Department of Buildings for systems mounted on or suspended from a roof or a ceiling. To verify if your system requires an Equipment Use Permit, contact the Department of Buildings via 311 or through the Department of Buildings website.   


  • If the refrigerating or air conditioning equipment for systems using Group A1 refrigerant with a compressor with 50 HP or more; use 200 lbs or more of A2,A3,B1-B3 refrigerant; or a non-automatic system using 50 lbs or more of A2,A3,B1,B2-B3, a Certificate of Qualification for Refrigerating System Operating Engineer is required. 


Additional Information

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