Technology Management

NOTICE: Effective 05/11/2020, the FDNY Bureau of Fire Prevention will begin offering the following Technology Management services for online filing:

  • ARCS Commissioning Test Report New/Amendment/Re-certification
  • Auxiliary Radio Communications System New/Amendment
  • Certificates of Approval Application New/Renewal/Amendment
  • Concept Proposal Tech Document
  • Engineering Application/Amendment
  • Fire Alarm Application New/Amendment (added 5/26/2020)
  • Fire Alarm Variance
  • Fire Code Variance
  • Performance Based Design Document
  • Professional Certification of Fire Alarm Systems
  • Rangehood Application New/Amendment
  • Rooftop Access Variance

NOTICE: Effective May 26th, 2020 all new applications and amendments to the above types must be filed online. New Applications and Amendments will no longer be accepted via US mail, email or in person after Friday May 22nd, 2020.

Forms, Plans and supporting documents for applications submitted prior to May 22nd, 2020 can be scanned and submitted by email in PDF format only to Electronic plans must have a stamp and an actual signature (typed signatures will not be accepted). Email file size is limited to 20 MB. Files larger than 20MB must be separated and sent in separate emails. Please identify related emails in the subject line and file name with address and number of documents (For example: 1 of 3, 2 of 3, 3 of 3, etc…) Plans filed prior to 5/8/2020 will be finalized following the previous process for approval.

Technology Management Services

To have the above applications reviewed by the Fire Department, view training content below, create your User ID and Log In to file online:

Soon online services will be available for:

  • Request for Rangehood Inspection / Test (late 2020)

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