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The FDNY conducts inspections that examine buildings, structures, facilities, vehicles and other locations in New York City. The purpose of an inspection is to ensure that code, laws, rules or regulations are being enforced to keep the public safe.

The owner shall be responsible, at all times, for the safe maintenance of any building, structure and/or premises and make sure it is kept up to code. Anything that needs to be fixed is the responsibility of the owner. Sometimes, when the tenant of a space in the building causes the hazardous condition in violation of the code or rules, the tenant is responsible to resolve the issues. 

Request an Inspection or an On-Site Test

There are a number of ways to request an inspection or an On-Site Test. 


 The NYC Business Portal

The NYC Business portal is a one-stop online tool for businesses in New York City. You can use the site to apply for or renew licenses, pay for violations or learn to avoid them, identify regulations and incentives, and get all of the information you need to stay in compliance with New York City rules and regulations.