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In late 2019, The Bureau of Fire Prevention of the New York City Fire Department (FDNY) will be offering new online services through FDNY Business.

Emergency Planning and Preparedness

  • Comprehensive Fire Safety and Emergency Action Plan
  • Fire Protection Plan
  • Fire Safety and Evacuation Plan
  • High-Rise Residential (Non-Sequential Floor Numbering) BIC

All new plans and amendments to the above plan types will soon need to be filed online.

FDNY Business Intake Forms

You will be able to use the PDF Intake process to automate entry of draft information for the first online application for an amendment, and all new online applications for the:

  • Comprehensive Fire Safety and Emergency Action Plan
  • Fire Safety and Evacuation Plan

PDF Intake is not applicable to the Fire Protection Plan or the High-Rise Residential (Non-Sequential Floor Numbering) BIC at this time.

To use PDF Intake, you must download and complete the newest version of the forms. You can begin to use the new forms immediately, and can submit applications through the current process with these forms until FDNY Business is available.

Instructions for using FDNY Business and PDF Intake will be provided prior to launch.

NOTICE: Older versions of these forms cannot be used for the PDF Intake process.

Future Updates

Later, we will add online services for:

Technology Management

  • Auxiliary Radio Communications System
  • Certificate of Approval Application
  • Concept/Proposal/Technical Document
  • Engineering Plan Application
  • Fire Alarm Plan Application
  • Fire Alarm Variance Application
  • Fire Code Variance/Rule/Modification Application
  • Performance Based Designed Submission
  • Rangehood Plan Review Application
  • Rooftop Access Plan Review Variance Application

Rangehood Inspections

  • Request for Rangehood Inspection/Test

More Information

If you have further questions, please Contact Us.

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