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The FDNY Business Support Program gives business owners, industry professionals and others the resources needed to ensure compliance with New York City Fire Code and Fire Department Rules.

FDNY Business Portal

Customers working with FDNY will soon be able to manage plan review applications, inspection/test requests, violations, and payments through the NYC Business portal. FDNY business activities rolling out in 2018 will include such things as fire alarm systems, commercial cooking (rangehood) systems, and other design and installation plan reviews; fire safety and emergency action plans; and rangehood inspections.

Information and Tips for Businesses

Business Owners Bill of Rights

The Fire Department is committed to providing New Yorkers with excellent customer service. The Fire Department adheres to rules set forth by the Business Owner's Bill of Rights which gurantees fair inspections and consistent regulatory enforcement. As part of this initiative, feedback and comments are welcomed.

The NYC Business Portal

The NYC Business portal is a one-stop online tool for businesses in New York City. You can use the site to apply for or renew licenses, pay for violations or learn to avoid them, identify regulations and incentives, and get all of the information you need to stay in compliance with New York City rules and regulations.