Proposed 2021 New York City Fire Code: The Fire Department has posted its Proposed 2021 Fire Code Local Law (with Fire Code amendments shown), completing a three-year Fire Code revision process. Click here for the proposed local law, revised highlight summary, and explanation of final revisions made in response to the June 2021 public forum comments.

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New York City Fire Code Guide

To promote public safety and code compliance, the Code Development Unit has issued and periodically updates the New York City Fire Code Guide. The Fire Code Guide provides guidance, including explanations, interpretations and interim guidelines, in the form of responses to Frequently Asked Questions.

FDNY Fire Code Guidance Documents

From time to time, the Code Development Unit issues detailed guidance documents with respect to Fire Code compliance obligations, typically to address urgent public safety matters. This includes guidance with respect to temporary COVID-related facilities and other COVID-related operations, and building operation and maintenance during the COVID emergency.

NYC Apartment Building Emergency Preparedness Guide, Building Information Form, Fire Safety Notices, Checklist, Close the Door Notice, Annual Bulletins and Fire Safety Tips

The Fire Safety Guide required to be distributed to apartment building residents and staff by Fire Department rule 3 RCNY 401-06 was superseded in 2018 by the NYC Apartment Building Emergency Preparedness Guide. The Guide (updated for 2021), Building Information Form, Fire Safety Notices, Individual Emergency Preparedness/Evacuation Planning Checklist, Close the Door Notice, Annual Bulletins, and Annual Fire Safety Tips are posted below in a PDF format suitable for distribution and posting:

Additional formats:

The large print edition and translations of the New York City Apartment Building Emergency Preparedness Guide are in the process of being updated to the 2021 edition.

The NYC Apartment Building Fire Emergency Preparedness Guide and Fire Safety Notices in other languages.

FDNY Fire Prevention Bulletins

Fire Prevention Bulletins are issued by Bureau of Fire Prevention units to clarify the requirements for design and installation document applications; inspections, witnessed tests and related filing requirements; other Fire Code-related materials.

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