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The Fire Department of the City of New York is continually looking to advance the opportunities for young people to become part of the City's Bravest. To help support this goal, the Department has created a Youth Workforce Development Initiative. To date, this initiative's programs have helped many New Yorkers pursue and accomplish their dream of becoming a member of the Department.  

FDNY Exploring Program

The FDNY Exploring Program is part of the Greater New York Councils Exploring Program. The Exploring Program gives New Yorkers (aged 14 to 20) the opportunity to gain valuable insight into a career at the Fire Department, while simultaenously building plans for their futures. The innovative program helps participants gain work experience and assistance with educational and fitness requirements that are critical to successfully pursuing a career at the FDNY. Participants also develop contacts with FDNY Firefighters, EMTs, Paramedics and others already on the job.  

Requirements to Join:

  • At least 14 to 20 years of age and enrolled in a high school, college or general equivalency (GED) program.
  • Proof of ability to maintain satisfactory report card average.
  • Provide a doctor's letter of good health.
  • Must be able to attend four meetings per month.
  • Pay an annual fee of $15 (to cover liability insurance and administrative fees)

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FDNY Captain Vernon A. Richard High School for Fire and Life Safety

Housed in Thomas Jefferson High School in Brooklyn, and part of the City's small schools initiative, the FDNY Captain Vernon A. Richard High School for Fire and Life Safety is a joint program between the Fire Department and the Department of Education. The High School provides a rigorous academic program with a special emphasis on the academic, physical and moral rigors of emergency response with a special focus on emergency medical and firefighting careers. Many graduates from FDNY Captain Vernon A. Richard High School for Fire and Life Safety go on to gain employment at the Fire Department.

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