FDNY Unveils 2016 National EMS Week Poster

May 5, 2016

On Thursday, May 5th, Fire Commissioner Daniel A. Nigro unveiled the 2016 National EMS Week Poster. The theme for this year’s poster is “Called to Care,” and features Paramedic Carlos Muller of Station 15 in the Bronx and EMT Shaun Alexander of Station 58 in Brooklyn. Both members are recipients of distinguished medals honoring their heroic, quick-thinking, life-saving actions. Carlos Muller helped evacuate and extricate a family from their burning home in 2013; while Shaun Alexander responded off-duty to provide medical treatment to a Police Officer shot in the line of duty in 2014.

“This year’s EMS Week is particularly special, because it comes during the 20th anniversary of the merger between the Fire Department and the New York City Emergency Medical Service,” said Commissioner Nigro. “Twenty years ago, we went from almost solely fighting fires, to providing unmatched pre-hospital care and bringing emergency medical treatment to those who needed it most.”

In 2015, FDNY responded to 1.7 million emergencies, the most in its history. Paramedics and EMTs responded to a wide array of medical incidents in all five boroughs. “You learn about diversity, about your community and the communities around you, and you learn to think on your feet and react and respond to situations” said Paramedic Carlos Muller. “You play so many roles,” said Paramedic Muller, “and you learn to improvise under any type of conditions,” added EMT Alexander.

“When FDNY members show up at an incident, we take charge of the situation and we’re able to very quickly bring calm and order to chaotic and dangerous situations,” said Chief Leonard. “This scene we see here (in this poster) repeats itelf thousands of times a day; and it took place more than 1.7 million times last year alone.”

The 2016 National EMS Week Poster will be displayed in 350 kiosks throughout the five boroughs. As part of EMS Week, the Department will also host its 22nd annual Second Chance Ceremony as well as an EMS Health Fair and Competition at FDNY Headquarters.