FDNY Swears In Recovering Burn Victim as Honorary Firefighter

October 26, 2017

On Thursday, October 26, 2017, Fire Commissioner Daniel A. Nigro and FDNY members welcomed 12-year-old Jamoneisha Merritt to FDNY Headquarters in Brooklyn to be sworn in as an Honorary FDNY Firefighter.

Jamoneisha has made a remarkable recovery after being seriously burned by the “Boiling Water Challenge;” a dangerous act which involves pouring boiling water on an unsuspecting friend, or daring a friend to drink boiling water through a straw. Jamoneisha was scalded with boiling water during a sleepover earlier this summer.

FDNY Firefighters formed a friendship with Jamoneisha over the past few months, visiting her and offering encouragement while she was in the hospital.

Fire Commissioner Nigro welcomed Jamoneisha as one of NYC’s Bravest and highlighted her courage during her road to recovery. He also emphasized the importance of being #FDNYSmart – to never play with fire, boiling water, or engaging in any kind of pranks that can harm someone.

“(The boiling water challenge) has been referred to by many as a prank,” said Commissioner Nigro. “Using boiling water in this matter, playing with matches and fire, or engaging in activity that can seriously burn someone or even take their life is no prank. It is senseless, callous, dangerous, behavior – but it is not a prank.”

Jamoneisha and her mother – Ebony, thanked the FDNY for their continuous support during Jamoneisha’s recovery.

For photos of the honorary swearing in, click here.

If you suspect a child is playing with fire, engaging in harmful and dangerous behavior that can result in burns, or setting fires intentionally, the FDNY can help. To learn more, click here.