Fire Commissioner Promotes 42 Fire Officers

November 2, 2017

Fire Commissioner Daniel A. Nigro presided over the promotion of 42 Fire and EMS Officers on Thursday, November 2, 2017 at Christian Cultural Center.
One EMS Deputy Chief was promoted to Deputy Assistant Chief, three EMS Deputy Chiefs were promoted to the rank of Division Chief, eight EMS Captains were promoted to the rank of Deputy Chief, and 30 Firefighters were promoted to the rank of Lieutenant.
“Today is a celebration of the men and women who do this job, and in particular, the members here today stepping into new roles and new challenges - to help make our Department even stronger,” said Commissioner Nigro. “This past Tuesday was a far different day - the people we are sworn to protect were attacked - but as we always see in the face of these attacks, whether it was 16 years ago or in Chelsea, our members rose to the occasion and their quick, decisive actions saved lives.”
Of the 42 promoted officers, Captain Tonya Boyd was promoted to Deputy Chief. Chief Boyd is the first female African-American Deputy Chief in FDNY history.
“The Department is moving forward with their diversity and I am so excited and amazed by that,” said Deputy Chief Tonya Boyd. “I want others to know that anything is possible – just stay strong and focused, keep pushing forward and know that anything is possible.”
Chief James E. Leonard commended the officers commitment to leadership and highlighted the importance of paying it forward.
“You’re taking the hard-earned reputation of the FDNY and you’re building upon it,” said Chief Leonard. “We all learned from great leaders who came before us – those members who helped teach us and show us the way, it is now your turn to lead and pay it forward.”
Firefighter James P. Lee Jr. is a 14-year Veteran of the Department – he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. He is also a recipient of the James Gordan Bennett Medal for a daring roof-rope rescue for multiple-dwelling fire in Manhattan.
“Getting promoted is an honor but also an opportunity for me to give back,” said Lieutenant Lee. “I’ve been very fortunate to have worked with so many great Firefighters and Officers who have taught me so much and I want to be able to share that knowledge with the new members coming on the job.”
The promoted officers will be assigned to units throughout the city.
For photos of the promotion ceremony, click here.