FDNY graduation ceremony for Paramedics and promotion ceremony for EMS Officers

January 23, 2019

Fire Commissioner Daniel A. Nigro presided over the graduation ceremony for 52 Paramedics and the promotion of 59 EMS Officers on Wednesday, January 23,2019 at the Christian Cultural Center in Brooklyn.

“Our new Paramedics will bring life-saving medical training to our most serious medical calls, while our newly promoted Chiefs, Captains and Lieutenants will provide critical leadership at the more than 1.5 million medical emergencies FDNY members respond to,” said Commissioner Nigro. “Together, these members in their new roles, and every EMT, Paramedic, and Officer will continue to demonstrate that FDNY is not only the busiest Emergency Medical Service in the world, it’s also the best.”

Four members were promoted to Division Chief, six members were promoted to Deputy Chief, 23 members were promoted to Captain, and 26 members were promoted to Lieutenant.

"I am excited to become a leader on this job. It’s a great place to work and I am proud of this career," Lieutenant Pierre Charboneau. "I love being a part of this community. When we go to work, it means something. It means that someone is truly in need and we get to be the ones that are there for them."

The Paramedics graduated from FDNY's Medic Basic training, having received 9 months of training at the EMS Academy, in all aspects of their job as Paramedics and Advanced Life Support providers, the highest level of pre-hospital care. The new Paramedics have been thoroughly trained in anatomy and physiology, biochemistry and pharmacology, as well as many critical lifesaving skills: intravenous therapy and medication administration; EKG monitoring and cardiac rhythm interpretation; and advanced airway management.

One graduate, Paramedic Denzel Adonis, graduated from the FDNY High School in 2011.

"When I graduated from the FDNY High School, I knew becoming a FDNY Paramedic was the route that I wanted to take and that I wanted to continue to rise up the ranks from there," said Paramedic Adonis. "During my high school years, we learned about job readiness, EMS preparation and fitness and we had really dedicated instructors that helped us understand that working in EMS is a great career."

"The training in our Department is second to none, and the instructors at Fort Totten have put you on the path to success," said Acting Chief of Department John Sudnik. "Now it’s up to all of you to use that training successfully on every tour."

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