FDNY Hold EMS Graduation and Promotion Ceremony

June 6, 2019

On Thursday, June 6, FDNY held a graduation and promotion ceremony for EMS members at the Christian Cultural Center in Brooklyn. At the event, 173 Probationary Emergency Medical Technicians and 60 Paramedics graduated. They were joined by 37 Lieutenants and eight Chiefs who were promoted.

Commissioner Daniel A. Nigro presided over the graduation and spoke of the critical role FDNY EMS members play in the Department’s life-saving mission.

“Last year alone, the FDNY responded to more than 1.5 million medical emergencies – that’s the bulk of emergency response,” said Commissioner Nigro. “FDNY EMTs and Paramedics just like you are out on the front lines providing unmatched pre-hospital emergency care 24-hours a day.”

Among the graduates was EMT Joel Rosado, brother of FDNY EMT Yadira Arroyo who was killed in the line of duty in 2017. EMT Rosado is following in her footsteps and will wear her bade number as his own.

“She is the one who inspired me to join the Department,” said EMT Rosado. “She was always telling me how it was the best job and what a difference you could make in this world. She always came home from work happy. I know she would be so proud of me, we were always so close. I have big shoes to fill and I can’t wait to get out there and make her proud.”

Chief of EMS Lillian Bonsignore praised the promotees and graduates for their dedication and commitment.

“This job is a calling – and we’re grateful it has called all of you,” said Chief Bonsignore. “What I see in this group of new and veteran members is an incredible number of lives that will be saved across our city, because that’s what EMS is all about.”

Among those promoted was new Chief of EMS Training, Deputy Assistant Chief Cesar Escobar.

“I am looking forward to my new position in this Department and I want to make sure that we continue training that best EMTs, Paramedics, and Officers in order to keep the citizens and visitors of New York City safe,” said Chief Escobar. “Their success means the Academy is moving in the right direction.”

The newly promoted and graduating members will be assigned to various units throughout the city.

“I wanted to work for the best Department in the greatest city in the world and I can finally say that I have achieved my goal,” said EMT Stacey Schellong, the class valedictorian. “I’m looking forward to working alongside all the amazing men and women that go out of their way every day to help their community.”

For photos of the event, click here.