Fire Commissioner Nigro Presides over Promotion Ceremony for 80 Fire Officers

September 26, 2019

Fire Commissioner Daniel A. Nigro presided over the promotion of 80 Fire Officers on Thursday, September 26th, 2019 at the Christian Cultural Center in Brooklyn.

“You have all performed admirably in your roles putting in the effort to get here, and this achievement today is well-earned,” said Commissioner Nigro. “I want to make it abundantly clear to all of our new fire officers that today, and every day going forward, you are leaders in this Department on and off duty.”

At the ceremony, Chief of Fire Prevention Deputy Assistant Chief Joseph Jardin was promoted to Assistant Chief.

“I’ve been a member of the FDNY for over 30 years. My father, Alfred Jardin, was a retired FDNY Lieutenant from Hazmat 1 and a significant reason I decided to be a part of this Department. He was a tremendous individual, an excellent role model, and he’s the one that allowed me a glimpse into what the FDNY does every day,” said Deputy Assistant Chief Jardin. “With this promotion, I want to continue to build on the foundation that my predecessors put in place. I am excited to work with the dedicated and capable staff of the Bureau of Fire Prevention to find new and innovative methods for enhancing life safety within New York City.”

In addition, Chief of Safety, Deputy Chief Michael Meyers, was promoted to Deputy Assistant Chief.

An additional deputy chief was promoted to deputy assistant chief, 12 Battalion Chiefs were promoted to the rank of Deputy Chief, 13 Captains were promoted to the rank of Battalion Chief, 17 Lieutenants were promoted to the rank of Captain, five Fire Marshals were promoted to the rank of Supervising Fire Marshal, and 30 Firefighters were promoted to Lieutenant.

“The road to promotion requires a significant commitment in time and effort spent studying volumes of Fire Department material, over and over again,” said Chief of Department John Sudnik. “As you know all too well, that involves sacrificing precious time away from your families. Without question, you have all paid your dues.”

“Two days ago, brand new recruits eager to continue learning and ready to do all they can to protect life and property, walked across this stage. Today, 80 Fire Officers, each taking on new leadership roles, will walk across the same stage,” said Chief of Fire Operations Thomas Richardson.

The promoted officers were assigned to units throughout the city.

For photos of the promotion ceremony, click here.