Fire Comissioner Presides over Probationary EMT Graduation Ceremony

October 5, 2018

On Friday, October 5, 2018, Fire Commissioner Daniel A. Nigro presided over the graduation ceremony for 141 Probationary EMTs at Christian Cultural Center in Brooklyn, NY.

“The Emergency Medical Technicians graduating today have earned the great responsibility of answering many of the more than 1.7 million calls for help our Department receives each year,” said Fire Commissioner Nigro. “They are truly dedicated, and very quickly, will be making a difference in the lives of New Yorkers across the city.”

“As new EMTs, you are critical to the Department’s life-saving mission, day in and day out,” said Chief of Department James E. Leonard. “You stand on the shoulders of those who came before you and you will continue to learn about the Department from veteran members as you answer the call for help.”

As the 141 graduates progress on their FDNY journey, several have already answered the call for help. Probationary EMT Dylan Rice was on a field training rotation with EMS Station 16 EMTs Ryan Wilson and Nicholas Polizzotti. During their tour, they responded to a cardiac arrest patient. Together, they and responding Paramedics successfully treated and transported their patient, saving the patient’s life.

“This day is great, and it is a culmination of all the hard work, and the instructors who lead us, I am very proud to be here,” said Probationary EMT Rice. “It was amazing to put into practice what I learned to save a life and I am excited to get out there and move the Department forward.”

Before joining the FDNY, several Probationary EMT graduates served with the U.S. Armed Forces. The FDNY is a paramilitary organization that resembles the traditions and service of the armed forces.

"The Navy training that I went through definitely prepared me for the Academy, it was nice to have the experience under my belt," said Probationary EMT Michael Grova."The instructors are honestly the best around, they explained everything so we could understand it and now I’m ready to get out on the street."

Probationary EMT Ayana Dillion was inspired by her mother, EMT Traceye Dillion from Emergency Medical Dispatch to join the Department.

“Growing up, I saw my mom put on her FDNY uniform every day, and after seeing that for so many years, I knew that I wanted to follow in her footsteps,” said Probationary EMT Dillion. “I wanted to help people and I thought it seemed so exciting that every day was different and new.

Several foreign languages are spoken by this diverse group of graduates, including: Arabic, Cantonese, German, Hebrew, Korean, Portuguese, and Spanish.

The graduates will be assigned to units throughout the city.

For photos of the graduation ceremony, click here.