FDNY Remembers Fallen Members at Annual Memorial Day Ceremony

October 10, 2018

On Wednesday, October 10th, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and Fire Commissioner Daniel A. Nigro joined FDNY members and families to commemorate the 111th annual FDNY Memorial Day ceremony at the Firefighters Monument in Manhattan.

This year the Department honored 14 FDNY members who died in the past year. EMT Kevin Liang, Firefighter Christopher C. Muccini, Firefighter Robert M. Tilearcio, EMT William DiPietra, Fire Marshal Christopher T. Zanetis, Lieutenant Christopher J. Raguso, Marine Pilot Thomas P. Phelan, Lieutenant Michael R. Davidson, Firefighter Daniel J. Stryker, Firefighter Terence M. Lorino, EMS Lieutenant   William Moore, Assistant Chief Ronald R. Spadafora, Firefighter George R. Scheer, and EMT Eric C. Maleh.

"When New Yorkers hear a siren in the night, they are reassured the very best are here to serve them," said Mayor de Blasio. "Women and men in this Department have a difficult job description, and there is no better example than these 14 members."

More than 7,000 FDNY members attended the annual ceremony.

“Each of our members we honor today possessed the bravery that has been the most enduring tradition of our Department, bravery that inspired the creation of this monument,” said Fire Commissioner Nigro. “We honor all of them, not for how they died, but for the remarkable way in which they lived, dedicating themselves to the life-saving mission of our Department.”

“Today we all remember these 14 individuals who earned the right to wear the FDNY uniform, and who excelled in this difficult job,” said Chief of Department James E. Leonard. “They made a difference in the lives of countless people desperately in need of help every single day of their outstanding careers.”

For photos of FDNY’s 111th Memorial Day Ceremony, click here.