FDNY promotes 40 Fire Inspectors

November 15, 2018

On Thursday, November 15th, Fire Commissioner Daniel A. Nigro presided at the promotion of 40 FDNY Fire Inspectors at FDNY Headquarters in Brooklyn.

“So many of our successes as a Department – lives and property saved and the safety of our members – begin with our Fire Inspectors,” said Fire Commissioner Daniel A. Nigro. “In their important new roles, these Inspectors will serve at high levels in Fire Prevention, supervising other inspectors and overseeing projects that will positively impact the safety of people throughout our city.”

The Bureau of Fire Prevention’s more than 250 Inspectors are extensively trained in inspection oversight and reporting. They are tasked with preventing fire conditions by enforcing the Fire Code and inspecting buildings, schools, and construction sites. The newly promoted members will be assigned to units throughout the FDNY Bureau of Fire Prevention and will inspect locations throughout the city.

“Being promoted today feels great. Before I joined the Department, I earned my master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. That experience helps with my job because I am familiar with how to read the plans for each building we do our inspections in, said Supervising Inspector Level II Mohammad Hossen, Licensed Places of Public Assembly Unit. “I inspect places for public gatherings, and the first thing I check for is that the exit is clearly marked and there are no obstructions or locking devices. That is the most critical part of making sure a building is safe for the public.”

“Our job is to protect life and property, and that starts with Fire Prevention,” said Chief of Department James E. Leonard.

For pictures of the promotion, CLICK HERE.