Michael Hyman
First Deputy Commissioner

Headshot of Michael Hyman - Acting Commissioner

Michael Hyman has served as first deputy commissioner for the New York City Department of Finance since January 2015. He has been with the department since 1988 and has served as deputy commissioner for the Tax Policy & Planning Division, which included the Tax Audit & Enforcement, Tax Policy, and Property divisions.

As first deputy commissioner, Michael assists the commissioner in managing the Department of Finance and in reviewing and developing tax policy measures affecting the City’s tax system. He oversees the Property, Tax Audit & Enforcement, Finance Information Technology, Employee Services, and Tax Policy divisions.

Michael has been involved in major tax reform projects for the City of New York, including the 2015 corporate tax reform legislation. He has also been a lead manager in the introduction of data-based strategies for tax audit case selection and property valuation work conducted by the agency, and he has made numerous presentations on tax policy and tax administration issues to the Federation of Tax Administrators, the Multi-State Tax Commission, the Partnership for New York City, the United States Conference on Mayors, the New York State Bar Association, the New York City Bar Association, and similar groups.

Michael holds a Ph.D. in history from the City University of New York Graduate Center.