Sherif Soliman - Commissioner

Portrait photo of Commissioner Sherif Soliman

Sherif Soliman was appointed commissioner of the New York City Department of Finance by Mayor Bill de Blasio on December 30, 2020, following a career of more than two decades in public service. Commissioner Soliman is responsible for leading an agency that collects more than $40 billion annually in revenue for the city and assesses over 1.1 million properties with a total combined value of $1.3 trillion.

Before joining the Department of Finance, Commissioner Soliman served as chief of staff for the Office of the Deputy Mayor for Operations, where he oversaw the functions of over 20 agencies and offices, including DOF. Mr. Soliman played a key leadership role in the City's response to the COVID-19 pandemic, overseeing the development and management of the Open Streets and Open Restaurant programs, advising on workforce policies including the transition to work-from-home, and leading negotiations on state legislation to provide death benefits to the survivors of City employees who have died of COVID-19. He also coordinated the implementation of several COVID-19 initiatives at DOF, including hardship programs for property owners and vehicle owners impacted by COVID-19, and social distancing and travel quarantine enforcement by the Sheriff’s Office.

Commissioner Soliman previously served as senior advisor to the first deputy mayor, where he oversaw a portfolio including tax policy, labor and pension policy, and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. During his time as senior advisor, Mr. Soliman had the opportunity to work closely with DOF through his work in managing the New York City Advisory Commission on Property Tax Reform, which released a preliminary report containing the most comprehensive recommendations for reforming the property tax system in 40 years. Mr. Soliman was also the Administration’s lead in securing new revenue for the MTA capital plan, in a value capture agreement with the MTA on the redevelopment of its old headquarters, and in the enactment of state law to mitigate the impact of the cap on the State and Local Tax (SALT) deduction.

In the first term of the de Blasio Administration, Mr. Soliman served as director of state legislative affairs, where he was the Administration's chief representative in Albany and secured the enactment of many priorities, including the nation-leading universal pre-kindergarten program. Mr. Soliman also coordinated the passage of corporate tax reform; led efforts to expand tax exemptions for senior and disabled homeowners, enhance the NYC Rent Freeze Program for senior and disabled renters, and create a property tax abatement for homeowners impacted by Hurricane Sandy; and ensured passage of several extensions of the City’s tax and finance authority. Prior to joining the administration, he served as director of communications for the New York City Employees’ Retirement System and chief of staff for Assemblyman Eric Vitaliano, former chair of the Assembly Governmental Employees Committee.