Getting Paid

The City is required by law to pay its vendors electronically if they have contracts to provide goods and services valued over $25,000. These City vendors must Enroll in the Vendor Payment Direct Deposit Program.

Submitting an Invoice
Vendors who are doing work or providing services to the Department of Finance should send invoices to the following address:

NYC Department of Finance
Financial Services Unit
One Centre Street, Rm. 1040
New York, NY 10007-1602

General requirements for the submission of invoices:
  • Invoices must list the purchase order, contract, or service call number related to the work invoiced, the date(s) the service was rendered/goods were shipped, the location of the service or where goods were shipped to, and a description of the service/goods.
  • For vendors with a maintenance contract for equipment, the invoice should also reference the month being billed, the type of equipment, the serial number(s) of the equipment, and the location of the equipment.
  • Sales tax should not be included on invoices. The City does not pay sales tax.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There are several advantages to direct deposit:

  • l Payments are secure – Paper checks can be lost in the mail or stolen, but money deposited directly into your account is more secure.
  • Payments arrive sooner – You don’t have to wait for a check to arrive in the mail. Electronic payments are deposited directly into your bank account, saving days of waiting for checks to clear.
  • You save time – Money deposited into your bank account is automatic. You save the time you used to spend at the bank depositing the check.

In accordance of Local Law 43 enacted by City Council in 2007, all vendors with City contracts over $25,000 are required to enroll in the payment Direct Deposit program. In addition, vendors who choose not to enroll, may be assessed a $3.50 per check fee. All vendors are encouraged to enroll in the program.

Yes, however foreign vendors must enroll with a U.S. based bank.

Generally, payments are deposited two business days after the date they are issued.

The Payee Information Portal (PIP) is a service that allows you, as a payee/vendor for the City of New York, to manage your own account information, view your financial transactions with the City of New York, and much more. You may enroll in PIP by going to

In addition, you may contact your bank directly or use online banking, mobile applications, and regular bank statements to confirm the deposit.

All payment information is transferred electronically to your bank account from Citibank. The City of New York now offers vendor access to the Payee Information Portal (PIP), which permits you to track up to three years of issued payments, as well as all scheduled payments. Direct deposits may reflect several invoices from one or more agencies, but the Payee Information Portal will provide information about each and every payment.

The vendor is responsible for submitting to the Department of Finance correct information for the proper bank account to which it wishes to receive payments. The Department of Finance will not be able to ascertain if the vendor has supplied information for the wrong bank account.

However, if the bank account information that has been submitted is inconsistent and/or incorrect, the receiving bank will reject the payment and the Department of Finance will be notified. Finance will notify the agency and/or vendor and together we will do whatever is necessary to correct the problem. In order not to delay your payment, we will issue check(s) for your payment until the problem is resolved.

Whenever you change any information, you must submit a new EFT Enrollment Form to the Finance Treasury Division. A copy of an imprinted voided check, imprinted encoded deposit slip, bank statement or bank letter with the new account information must be included with your EFT Enrollment Form. Mail correspondence to:

Department of Finance, Treasury Division
66 John Street, 12th Floor,
New York, New York 10038
Att: Direct Deposit/EFT

or fax to 646-500-7152.

It is important that you do not close the account that is linked to your direct deposits until the new account has been established and payments are being credited to your new account. When the change is complete, you may then close the old account. The exception to this is if your account has been compromised, in which case, close your account immediately and notify the Department of Finance to ensure that the new EFT account can be activated as soon as possible.

If you have a contract with the City for more than $25,000 the law requires that you receive your payments by direct deposit. Vendors may request a cancellation by clicking the “Contact us” hyperlink at Vendors that are not enrolled in EFT will be subject to the $3.50 per check fee.

If your name, address or Tax ID # change, you must contact your paying agency and work with them to correct this information in the City's Financial Management System (FMS). If only your address needs changing, you do not need to submit a new EFT Enrollment Form. You will need to submit a new form if your name or Tax ID # change. To correct your address in FMS, contact the Payee Information Portal (PIP) hotline at (212) 857-1700.

If you do not receive an expected check from the City of New York, contact the City agency with which you have a contract. If the check was not cashed, the agency you are doing business with will re-issue it.  If the check was issued and cashed, you will be asked to submit the signed and notarized Affidavit of Fraudulent Activity form.

Vendor Forms