Business & Excise Tax Forms

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NOTE: If a legal payment due date or filing deadline falls on a weekend or national holiday, the tax will be due on the following business day.

New Mailing Addresses for NYC Business Tax Forms

The mailing addresses for many NYC business tax forms have changed. Tax returns should be sent to a different address than your business tax vouchers and payments. Download the Business Tax Mailing Addresses list for a complete listing. If filing a tax form for a prior year, including amended returns, you must also use the updated mailing addresses on the Business Tax Mailing Addresses list.

2019 Estimated Business Tax Forms

  • Banking Corporation Tax - NYC-400B
  • General Corporation Tax - NYC-400
  • Business Corporations and Subchapter S General Corporations - NYC-400, NYC-300 (MFI)
  • Unincorporated Business Tax - NYC-5UB, NYC-5UBTI

2018 Business & Excise Tax Forms

Please note: We have received questions about how to fill out lines 4b and 17 of form NYC-ATT-S-CORP. If you are not subject to IRC section 163(j), add back your interest deduction on line 4b and then deduct that amount on line 17. If you are subject to IRC section 163(j), add back the interest deduction on line 4b, and complete IRS Form 8990 (as if your S-corp were actually a C-corp) to calculate your business interest deduction. Enter the amount from line 30 of Form 8990 on line 17 of Form NYC-ATT-S-Corp. See the Form NYC-ATT-S-CORP instructions for more detail.

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(Note: This year's form is in development. However, you may continue to use the prior year's form until the new form is available below.)