Business Income Tax Collections Archives

Finance issues monthly reports for the three business income taxes: General Corporation Tax, Banking Corporation Tax, and Unincorporated Business Tax. The reports show the number of transactions and revenue collected by tax type, industry sector, tax year, form type, and document type and include year-to-date and previous year's collections.

Annual Files Acrobat Excel
July 2007 through December 2007 96k 604k
July 2006 through June 2007 124k 628k
July 2005 through June 2006 (revised 122k 640k

Monthly Files

2009 Acrobat Excel
August 71k 871k
July 64k 834k
June 131k 919k
May 123k 895k
April 120k 889k
March 120k 885k
February 98k 876k
January 95k 871k

2008 Acrobat Excel
December 94k 866k
November 87k 849k
October 82k 857k
September 80k 852k
August 73k 848k
July 84k 870k
February 120k 860k
January 118k 854k

2005 Acrobat Excel
June 127k 1.07M
May 130k 1.01M
April 128k 1.05M
March 116k 1.07M
February 110k 1.04M
January 113k 1.03M

2004 Acrobat Excel
December 101k 1.03M
November 98k 1.03M
October 93k 1.03M
September 89k 1.03M
August 80k 1.02M
July 66k 1.01M
June 135k 1.07M
May 137k 1.05M
April 125k 1.06M
March 119k 1.06M
February 116k 1.03M
January 111k 1.04M

2003 Acrobat Excel
December 121k 1.13M
November 101k 1.20M
October 98k 1.06M
September 91k 1.02M
August 87k 1.03M
July 72k 1.01M
June 125k 1.07M
May 131k 1.15M
April 121k 1.06M
March 115k 1.16M
February 112k 1.13M
January 101k 1.14M