Business Tax Highlights

Business Income and Excise Taxes

The Department of Finance is developing guidance for business tax filers whose 2017 tax year returns are affected by the federal Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, as well as by certain New York  City Administrative Code provisions in the recent New York State Budget. This includes the Business Corporation Tax, Banking Corporation Tax, General Corporation Tax and Unincorporated Business Tax. We encourage affected filers to request the appropriate extension of time to file their 2017 returns. Please keep checking this website for further updates about how to reflect these legislative changes on 2017 returns.


On January 8, 2018, the Department of Finance launched a new and more customer-friendly business tax system known as NYC e-Services. Most business taxes including unincorporated business, general corporation, banking corporation, NYC 1127, commercial rent, hotel room occupancy, utility (all three types), cigarette, commercial motor vehicle, liquor license tax, FOIL and real property transfer late filing and paying charges (as well as any interest) can be paid on NYC e-Services .


Banking Corporation Tax (BCT)
Business Corporation Tax
Cigarette Tax
Commercial Motor Vehicle Tax (CMVT)
Commercial Rent Tax (CRT)
E-911 Surcharge for Telecommunications Services
General Corporation Tax (GCT)
Horse Race Admission Tax
Hotel Room Occupancy Tax
Mortgage Recording Tax (MRT)
Real Property Transfer Tax (RPTT)
Retail Beer, Wine and Liquor License Tax
Taxicab License Transfer Tax
Unincorporated Business Tax (UBT)
Utility Tax