Tax Bills and Payments

Your Property Tax Bill shows:

  • Current and past due property tax changes;
  • Other property-related charges,including past due amount;
  • Amount you can pre-pay. You can get a discount if you pre-pay taxes that are not due until later in the year;
  • Exemptions, abatements, and credits: and
  • General information about how your tax is calculated
To understand how we assess your property and calculate your tax bill visit Assessments.
Infographic: Where do your tax dollars go?

You will receive a Property Tax Bill if you pay the taxes yourself and have a balance. If a bank or mortgage company pays your property taxes, they will receive your property tax bill. Bills are generally mailed and posted on our website about a month before your taxes are due.

If your property’s Assessed Value is:

$250,000 or less

Bills are mailed:

  • Quarterly (4 times a year).
  • Payment is due on: July 1, October 1, January 1 and April 1.
more than $250,000

Bills are mailed:

  • Semi-annually (2 times a year).
  • Payment is due on: July 1 and January 1.
Property Tax Bills & Payment Information
Tax Rates
Requirement to Pay by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Requirement NEW! Property tax payment notifications
Due Dates
Overdue Balances & Late Payments
Refunds & Credits
Update Property & Billing Information
Lien Sales
Violations & Other Agency Charges