Assessment and Valuation Forms

Property owners have the right to challenge the Department of Finance’s assessments and correct erroneous information associated with their properties. The following forms should be used:

  • Request for Review: use this form to request that the Department of Finance reconsider the property’s market value based on factors such as finances, comparable sales, building use/classification, physical development, or structure features.
  • Request to Update: use this form to update the descriptive property data and information that appeared on your most recent notice of property value (NOPV).
  • Administrative Review: use this form to correct errors in your property assessment or property tax. Review the error correction page for the specific cases that fall under this filing type. This form cannot be used to dispute your property’s valuation.

After you file, you will receive a notice advising you of the department’s decision. (See timeline below.) For a faster response, we recommend that you file online, rather than by paper. For best results, use Google Chrome. (Paper forms will be published in late 2018 or early 2019.)

Request for Review:

Request to Update:


If you file your Request to Update form between August 31 and mid-April of the following calendar year, and your changes are approved, you can expect to see the changes reflected in the final roll, published in June. We will send you a notification of the changes in a letter between January and June.

If you file your request to update from mid-April to August 31, and your changes are approved, you can expect to see the changes reflected on the tentative roll that is published the following January.

Request for Administrative Review (Clerical Error Remission):

Request for Review, Request to Update, and Request for Administrative Review (Clerrical Error Remission) Forms are also available for download