Payment Plans for OATH-Adjudicated Environmental Control Board (ECB) Judgment Debt

A payment plan (also known as an installment agreement or installment plan) is an agreement between you and the Department of Finance under which you agree to pay the amount you owe over time instead of paying the full amount all at once.

We will ask you for information to determine whether or not we can grant you a payment plan for OATH-Adjudicated ECB debt. We will consider your finances in deciding whether you are approved for a plan and the amount of time covered by the agreement. If we do grant your request for an OATH-Adjudicated ECB payment plan, we will require a down payment.

Interest Rates
The annual interest rate you will be charged under an ECB payment plan is 9%. This amount compounds annually.

How to Request a Payment Agreement
Call Finance’s Collections Division at 212-440-5300 to make an appointment for an interview with a representative to request a payment plan.

At this meeting you will be required to submit a Financial Statement.  You may also be asked to provide specific documents such as:

  • Proof of your identity;
  • If you are representing a business, proof of your authority to enter into an agreement on behalf of the business;
  • Copies of your last two years of Federal Income tax returns;
  • Information about the payment of  your NYC UBT or GCT , if applicable;
  • Proof of employment, if applicable (e.g., two recent pay stubs); and
  • Bank statements.
In some instances (such as cases  involving large debt amounts and/or uncorrected violations), you may also be required to meet with our Office of Legal Affairs to negotiate a more extensive agreement.

If you are a business or individual that has a license or permit with another City agency, you will be expected to provide the information regarding this permit and or license.
Military Request for Relief

Active military personnel may request relief from the Lien Sale, Tax Warrants, Environmental Control Board judgments, and parking judgments.

Contact Us

Contact the Collections Division

Write to:
NYC Department of Finance
59 Maiden Lane 28th Floor
New York, NY 10038