Statements of Assessment Procedure and Guidelines

Statements of Assessment Procedures are guides used by Property Assessors for valuing property. They can be useful in understanding the assessment process.

How the Department of Finance Valued Properties When We Did Not Have Income and Expense Information

This policy explains how income-producing properties are valued without RPIE information. The Department of Finance will provide a non-filer list which reflects property owners who were required to file an RPIE form online but who did not file on time. If your RPIE is not filed, we will estimate the value of your property based on other information. This may not be to your benefit. The law authorizes penalties for late filing or failure to file.

If you have already filed your RPIE or believe your property is listed in error please Contact Us. If you have not filed, we encourage you to file your RPIE Online.

Assessment Procedures

When Will Equipment be Separately Assessed?
How the Department of Finance assesses generators and other equipment (such as boilers) located within certain properties. 12/11/09
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Income & Expense Breakdown for Consolidated Filings
How the Department of Finance directs assessors to break down income and expense information in consolidated statements.  8/4/04
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Changes in FY2016 Valuation Procedures
The following new and/or redefined building classifications and the new reserves for replacement expense deduction procedure, were implemented for the Fiscal Year 2015/16 Tentative Assessment Roll.
FY2016 Valuation Procedure Changes

Assessment Guidelines

FY2019 Assessment Roll Guidelines

Assessment Guidelines

FY2018 Assessment Roll Guidelines

FY2017 Assessment Roll Guidelines

FY2016 Assessment Roll Guidelines
FY2016 Additional Statistical Distributions and Capitalization Rate Methodology
FY2015 Assessment Roll Guidelines
FY2015 Additional Statistical Distributions and Capitalization Rate Methodology

FY2014 Assessment Roll Guidelines
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FY2011 Assessment Roll Guidelines
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FY2008 Tentative Assessment Roll Report
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