Bus Lane Camera Violations

The words Speed Cameras Are Working Longer Hours in big bold red and black letters

On July 11, the City will start issuing speed camera violations from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m., Monday through Friday, year round. The City will operate speed cameras in 750 school speed zones. Expanding the speed camera law is one aspect of the City's comprehensive plan to eliminate traffic deaths and serious injuries. Learn more at nyc.gov/visionzero.

Generally, motorists may not drive in a designated bus lane during applicable hours unless:
  • The motorist is about to enter a driveway or make a right turn at the nearest intersection. You must make the turn within 200 feet of entering the bus lane.

  • The motorist temporarily stops to expeditiously pick up or drop off a passenger at the curbside.

  • The motorist is attempting to access a parking spot next to the bus lane.

The bus stop zone begins at the bus stop sign and continues in the direction of the arrows until the next parking sign or, if there is no parking sign, to the end of the block.

Cameras are affixed at certain bus lane locations or can be mounted on an actual bus. If you violate the bus lane zone, the camera will take a picture or video and you will receive a summons in the mail.

Possible Defenses:

  • Your evidence shows that you did not travel in the bus lane for more than 200 feet, or the evidence against you does not establish that you were in the bus lane for more than 200 feet.

  • Your evidence shows that some condition on the roadway prevented you from making an immediate right turn—for example, it was not safe or legal to do so.

  • The conditions existing on the roadway left you with no other option but to enter and stay in the bus lane for more than 200 feet.

  • You were complying with the direction of law enforcement personnel.

  • You have evidence of a sudden mechanical breakdown or medical emergency that necessitated your parking in the bus lane.