Red Light Camera Violations

The words Speed Cameras Are Working Longer Hours in big bold red and black letters

On July 11, the City will start issuing speed camera violations from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m., Monday through Friday, year round. The City will operate speed cameras in 750 school speed zones. Expanding the speed camera law is one aspect of the City's comprehensive plan to eliminate traffic deaths and serious injuries. Learn more at

Chart showing the different fields of data in a Red Camera Light Notice of Liability

Red Light Camera Facts

  • The Department of Transportation reviews the images from the cameras for possible violations and mails out notices of violation to vehicle owners.

  • Regardless of who was driving, the owner of the car is responsible for the ticket. 

  • Red light camera tickets don’t result in any points on your driving record.

  • Once the light turns red, the camera is automatically activated by sensors picking up the vehicle crossing over the crosswalk line.

  • If you fail to stop, you may be sent a notice of violation in the mail with the picture of your car driving through the red light.

  • You can view the evidence against you by logging on to the website printed on the notice of violation.

  • DOT personnel must issue technician’s certificates certifying the proper operability of the camera on the date of occurrence, along with a confirmation that the vehicle bearing your license plate number was the one that drove through the red light. 

  • Multiple red light camera violations issued at different locations on the same day are each enforceable.
  • The photos in the notice of violation will have a black bar above them with certain information:
    • The date of the violation

    • The military violation time

    • The camera location

    • The elapsed time from when the light turned red (in seconds)

    • The street lane that triggered the camera (counted from right to left)

    • Film photo sequence

  • Film photo sequence: The first photo will show the vehicle passing or entering the crosswalk line while the light was red. The second photo will show the vehicle after it has passed under the traffic signal and through the intersection. The third photo will show a close-up of the vehicle’s license plate.
  • Your evidence shows that you drove through the red light because of a health or emergency situation.

  • Your evidence shows that your vehicle malfunctioned or was disabled.

  • Your evidence shows that you drove through the red light because you were following the instructions of law enforcement personnel.

  • Your evidence shows that you drove through the red light because you were part of a funeral procession.

  • Your evidence shows that your vehicle or license plate was not the one depicted in the photos.

  • You have evidence to show that your vehicle or license plate was stolen or transferred prior to the date and time of the violation.

  • If your vehicle was not the only one in the photo, it may be possible that your vehicle was not the one that triggered the camera.

  • You may attempt to challenge the proper operability of the camera if you have evidence that the camera malfunctioned at the time of the violation. Ask for the technician’s certificates. If they cannot be produced, you may ask for a dismissal of the summons.

  • Your evidence shows that the traffic light was broken at the time of occurrence.

The summons should be answered within 30 days. If the amount due on the notice of violation is not paid within 30 days, a notice will be sent to the vehicle owner with a $25 penalty added. A final notice is sent 30 days thereafter if the summons remains outstanding. Enforcement action may commence against the registered owner 14 days following the final notice.