Food scraps, spoiled food, food-soiled paper, and yard trimmings and plants – collectively known as organics or organic waste – comprise almost one-third of the waste that the NYC Department of Sanitation collects. Composting food scraps is a great way to minimize waste and your carbon footprint, while helping to create a natural fertilizer that can be used to help grow food. Separate your organics for composting to enrich our environment, not damage it.

Learn more about composting in New York City

The DSNY Organics Collection pilot program currently serves more than 130,000 households in all five boroughs. Read more about the pilot program and how to enroll.
The NYC Compost Project helps to reduce waste in NYC and rebuild City soils by giving New Yorkers the knowledge, skills, and opportunities they need to produce and use compost. Learn more about composting, and find a food waste drop-off site near you.