Mobile Food Vending Licenses and Permits

The Mobile Food Vending License is issued to an individual who will sell food from a permitted mobile food vending unit (truck or pushcart).The license is issued by the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH) as a photo ID badge. There are no waiting lists to apply for the Mobile Food Vending License.

This license is required prior to applying for a Mobile Food Vending Permit (inspection decal), which is issued for the food vending unit (truck or pushcart) that will be operated. There are waiting lists to apply for the Mobile Unit Permit.
Learn more about obtaining a Mobile Food Vending License and/or Permit

Green Carts

Green Carts are mobile food carts that offer fresh produce in New York City neighborhoods with limited access to healthy foods. A Green Cart only sells fresh fruits and vegetables.

Green Carts operate in areas thathave limited access to fresh fruits and vegetables. Download the map to see which neighborhoods have Green Carts.
Learn how to apply to be a Green Cart vendor

Are you a Green Cart vendor who would like to accept EBT? Email to inquire about receiving a free wireless EBT terminal for your Green Cart.