Urban Growing and Gardening

Urban agriculture projects can be a great way to build community and provide opportunities for learning about and tasting fresh, healthy foods. And growing your own food is also environmentally friendly: home grown fruits and vegetables do not require the packaging, storage, and transportation that store bought items do.

Learn about some ways to get growing in the city

GreenThumb is the largest community gardening program in the country, with over 500 member gardens and approximately 20,000 volunteer gardeners residents. GreenThumb provides materials and technical assistance to community gardeners throughout all five boroughs. You can join or volunteer at your local community garden. Visit GreenThumb for community garden locations and information.

The New York City Housing Authority's Garden and Greening Program provides year-round technical assistance and other resources to thousands of residents across the City's 328 public housing developments. Garden and Greening supports over 700 gardens and three urban farms.   

Other ways to get growing: