Food Security

New York City is committed to working towards a city where everyone has enough nutritious food to eat.  To achieve this goal, the City has a number of initiatives and partnerships with community-based and nonprofit organizations to improve access to food assistance and provide nutritious food to emergency food providers. 


The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, formerly known as “food stamps”) provides food assistance for nearly 1.8 million low-income New Yorkers including families, the elderly and the disabled. The program helps families and individuals supplement the cost of their diet with nutritious foods.

Have you seen our ads for, HRA’s SNAP outreach campaign? Help spread the word with downloadable, shareable images and flyers. 

Emergency Food Assistance Program

The Emergency Food Assistance Program (EFAP) provides funding to more than 500 soup kitchens and food pantries citywide. Visit HRA to learn more or to join the providers network.

New York City Food Assistance Collaborative

In 2014, the Director of Food Policy began convening the New York City Food Assistance Collaborative with support from the Helmsley Charitable Trust. This ongoing initiative brings together the major suppliers to the city’s food pantries and soup kitchens to increase equity and efficiency in food distribution by better coordinating their efforts.