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The City of New York reserved roughly 400 neighborhood names across the five boroughs in order to create online hubs for civic engagement, online organizing, economic development, and information sharing. The neighborhood sites utilize a data-driven template that shows real-time information within a certain area. More detailed information is available here.

In order to be eligible for a .nyc neighborhood name, the lead organization must meet the following minimum qualifications: (a) registered as a not-for-profit, public benefit corporation, or local development corporation, and (b) located within the neighborhood for which a .nyc domain is sought.

Applications for neighborhood domains

Please complete the questions below if you are interested in applying for a domain. In addition to proposals from individual organizations, the City encourages community groups to form partnerships for the purpose of submitting proposals and the subsequent operation of a website. Partnerships may be useful to provide added expertise, reach, and technical capacity.

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