Introducing .nyc

In 2014, New York City publicly launched the .nyc web address. The .nyc domain is part of the creation of a new class of generic top-level domains (gTLDs) that greatly expand the web’s domain name system. With the historic launch of .nyc, the City of New York became the first city in the country with a top-level domain, creating new opportunities to support local businesses, organizations and residents, and establishing an unprecedented level of geographic authority to the digital sphere.  

Through .nyc, the City generates revenue, helps residents take advantage of government services, encourages local businesses to thrive, markets and promotes tourism, and spreads the dynamic image of New York City around the world. Neustar, Inc. is the official registry operator for .nyc. In this role, the company supports all marketing efforts and operates the technical infrastructure of the .nyc domain. 

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In a further effort to inspire meaningful use and development of the .nyc namespace, the City of New York created, an open application process for community groups to receive a premium neighborhood domain name like, or The City has reserved roughly 400 neighborhood names for use by community groups to develop new online hubs for civic engagement, online organizing, and information-sharing. In order to be eligible for a .nyc neighborhood name, organizations must be registered as a not-for-profit, public benefit corporation or local development corporation, and be located within the neighborhood for which the .nyc domain name is sought. 

Launched in October 2014, is the official online hub of the New York City startup and technology ecosystem, providing information and resources to help turn ideas into businesses, deliver valuable tools for digital startups, and connect New Yorkers to opportunities in the City’s tech ecosystem. offers a pioneering search portal and database with profiles of virtually every city-based tech company and investor; a continuously updated list of tech and digital job openings, a citywide tech event and class calendar; an interactive map of tech companies, startup resources across the boroughs; and additional features that combine to create a comprehensive one-stop shop for everything startup-related in New York City. 

 .nyc Founders & Outdoor Advertising

 On September 8, 2014, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that the first .nyc websites went live. The owners of these domain names, officially called ".nyc Founders," represented a diverse group of New Yorkers—including the Birdland Jazz Club, small businesses like the Bronx’s Il Forno Bakery, publications like Gay City News, and nonprofit organizations like the Coalition for Queens, among others. Beginning in Fall 2014, a number of .nyc Founders have been featured in outdoor advertisements across the five boroughs. For additional information on the .nyc Founders, visit 

Through outdoor advertising on bus shelters, newstands and other locations, .nyc showcases local New York City businesses. To view a collection of current and past ads, click here.

Public Interest Proposals for .nyc Domains

New York City residents can propose public interest uses for domains on the City’s reserve list, found here. These proposed sites should benefit fellow New Yorkers and be a resource for the city. If you have an idea for a site using one of the City’s domains, please submit a proposal via the application page and let us know how you would utilize the domain.

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To learn more or register your own personalized .nyc web address, visit  For .nyc background documentation and data, click here