Connecting New York City

The City of New York has set the goal that by 2025, every resident and business in New York will have access to affordable, reliable, high-speed broadband service everywhere.  Central to this effort is LinkNYC, the world’s largest and fastest municipal Wi-Fi network.  Through an innovative public-private partnership with the Citybridge consortium, LinkNYC will consist of up to 10,000 reinvented telephone booths across the five boroughs, offering 24/7 free Internet access at up to gigabit speeds.  Additional broadband efforts include $70 million in new broadband infrastructure investments by 2025, of which almost half will be spent in the next 2-3 years.

As ubiquitous connectivity becomes the norm throughout New York City, a flurry of new IoT applications will emerge across sectors, transforming the day-to-day experience of all New Yorkers regardless of income or location.  The Mayor’s Office of Technology and Innovation, along with a host of public, academic, and private partners, will be exploring pilot and demonstration projects to demonstrate the value of these new connected technologies and approaches.  To share your ideas and proposals, click here.