About the Fund

About the Fund

For over twenty years, the Mayor's Fund to Advance New York City has facilitated public-private collaborations that support the development and emerging needs of the city's most underserved communities.


Uniquely positioned to wed the incomparable reach of government with the flexibility and entrepreneurial spirit of the private sector, the Mayor's Fund leverages the deep well of civic goodwill by linking city agencies to private individuals, corporations and foundations with shared goals for New York City and its residents.

Through these innovative public-private partnerships, the Mayor's Fund facilitates citywide community development to fill vital needs, as well as to evaluate the continued efficacy and funding sustainability of its programs. Its current areas of focus include youth workforce, mental health, immigration, and criminal justice reform. Learn more about some of the initiatives we help support on our Initiatives page.

In addition to this primary role, the Mayor's Fund links generous funders to existing systems in order to address immediate need during times of crisis. The Mayor's Fund has and will continue to serve as a home base for those seeking to channel resources to New Yorkers in the wake of tragedy.