About the Commission on Gender Equity


The Commission on Gender Equity is an advisory body that supports City agencies in dismantling institutional barriers for women, girls, and New Yorkers of all gender identities and expressions. CGE develops and supports policies that promote opportunities for cisgender and transgender women and girls in all areas including employment, housing, childcare, education, health and reproductive justice, criminal justice, and public safety.

To create a more equitable New York City, the Commission on Gender Equity:
  • Advises Mayor de Blasio on initiatives and methods to reduce gender-based inequality
  • Advocates for women, girls, transgender and gender nonconforming residents and works to remove barriers to their health, success, and safety
  • Studies the nature and extent of gender-based discrimination and its impacts of this discrimination on New Yorkers’ economic, civic and social wellbeing
  • Makes recommendations to the Mayor regarding legislative or executive action to improve the lives of cisgender and transgender women and girls
  • Educates the public about gender-based issues
  • Supports and works collaboratively with organizations in the public and private sectors to expand opportunities for New Yorkers across the gender spectrum


Executive Order Number 10

In 2015, Mayor de Blasio established New York City’s Commission on Gender Equity (CGE) through Executive Order Number 10

Local Law 67 

CGE was codified into local law in September 2016 with a mandate to study inequities facing women and girls and their social and economic consequences and advise the Mayor and City Council on strategies to mitigate those inequities. Learn more about Local Law 67.