Commission Members

Jimmie Briggs

Jimmie Briggs, An award-winning journalist and human rights advocate: Jimmie Briggs is a journalist, educator, lecturer and social entrepreneur. With the eye of a trained, intrepid storyteller, perspective of a father, deeply ingrained values instilled at Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia, and the compassion and determination which come from bearing witness to far-flung tragedies in the world—Jimmie Briggs has used vital connections and unwavering resolve to address some of the most pervasive social ills and global injustices over the past two decades. Following an award-winning journalistic career resulting in scores of commendations-as well as the publication of a seminal book on war-affected children and child soldiers entitled Innocents Lost: When Child Soldiers Go To War--he mobilized young people in 25 countries to stop violence against the women and girls in their communities and launched the initiative known as "Man Up Campaign" in South Africa during the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Briggs was selected at GQ Magazine's "Better Men, Better World" winner in 2010, a Womens eNews Leader for the 21st Century, and most recently was awarded a Medal of Distinction from Barnard College. He is currently working on a personal memoir exploring manhood in the 21st century.