Commission Members

Carmelyn P. Malalis

Carmelyn P. Malalis, Commissioner, New York City Commission on Human Rights: Carmelyn P. Malalis was appointed Commissioner and Chair of the New York City Commission on Human Rights (the Commission) in November 2014, by Mayor Bill de Blasio following more than a decade in private practice as an advocate for employees’ rights in the workplace. Ms. Malalis has a dedicated history of combating prejudice, intolerance, discrimination and harassment through her representation of employees from a variety of industries and income levels, work with employers’ advocates, and collaborations with community groups, non-profit organizations and bar associations.

As Commissioner and Chair of the Commission, Ms. Malalis leads an agency with the dual roles of investigating complaints of discrimination and retaliation in employment, housing and public accommodations; and providing outreach, education and training to the public to prevent discrimination before it occurs and avert intergroup tension. CCHR leads New York City’s efforts to enforce the New York City Human Rights Law, educate the public about the law, and work with governmental and non-governmental agencies and organizations with similar functions.