Lifestyle Tips:

Bring It!

Bring It!

You heard it here first, single-use plastics are done. Grab your reusable and Bring It whenever and wherever you go. Take the Bring It pledge and get tips on how you can be more sustainable everyday.

Second  Hand = First Rate

Second Hand = First Rate

No matter what it is, you can find it pre-owned in NYC. You’ll be up-cycling, saving money, and keeping that stuff out of landfills. In a city with prices like ours, we give you the steals (not literally) of the city! Start your search for stuff at DonateNYC.

Reduce,  Reuse......You know the rest!

Reduce, Reuse......You know the rest!

(It’s recycle by the way)
Recycling cuts out the landfill and makes our future that much better.  Learn what, where, and how you can start recycling today!

<b>Less (Packaging) is More</b>

Less (Packaging) is More

When you buy items with minimal or recycled packaging, you’re cutting down on the 570 billion pounds of waste we throw away every year. Why does our stuff need all that packaging anyway?

Microbeads,  Big Impact

Microbeads, Big Impact

Every day, 800 trillion toxic microbeads enter US water sources. Yikes! When you’re out shopping, avoid products that contain microplastics (like some face and body washes) and seek out healthier (and greener) alternatives!