COVID-19 Hotel Program

COVID-19 is extremely contagious, meaning that it is easily transmitted from one person to another. If you tested positive for COVID-19 or think you might have it because of your symptoms, it is very important that you do not come in close contact with others, including people you may live with. This is called "self-isolation." You may qualify to self-isolate in a hotel, free of charge, for up to 14 days if you do not have a safe place to self-isolate. This can mean:

  • Your home does not have space for you to stay six feet away from others
  • You share rooms or a bathroom
  • You live with someone who is vulnerable

Hotel rooms are also available for New Yorkers without COVID-19 but who live with someone who has COVID-19.

How do I get connected?

If you are currently at your home and think you may have COVID-19, you can call 311 or 844-NYC-4NYC (1-844-692-4692) between the hours of 9 a.m. and 9 p.m.

A medical provider will assess your situation and then refer you to a hotel if appropriate.


This program, including food, linens, and local phone service, is free for eligible New Yorkers.

Program Information for Healthcare Volunteers & Community Health Providers

The City of New York's COVID-19 Hotel Program provides free hotel stays to eligible New Yorkers who cannot isolate where they live and frontline workers in the healthcare industry who wish to reduce the risk of transmission at home. This will help New York City stop the spread of COVID-19.

If you are a health provider and have patients with COVID-19 or COVID-like symptoms who are interested in staying in a hotel for 10 to 14 days, call 1-844-692-4692 to begin the screening process, or you can have your patient call. In order to provide the best continuity of care for your patients while they are at the hotel, use the NYC Health + Hospitals Hotels: Partnering with Community Providers resource for more information. Information will be added in other languages. Please check back for updates.

Healthcare Workers & Volunteers

The City of New York is proud to support frontline workers in the healthcare industry by providing free hotel stays to those currently working to address the COVID-19 crisis.


You are eligible for this program if you are:

  • Currently employed or volunteering to provide care and/or services (clinical or nonclinical) in a healthcare, community-based or home-based setting within New York City where you are at risk of being exposed to or contracting COVID-19; and
  • Temporarily unable to live at home as you continue to work and provide services to New Yorkers.

If you are currently sick and seeking a place to self-isolate while you recover from COVID-19, please review information about Health + Hospitals' hotel program (listed above).

Make a Reservation

You will need to certify that you meet all of the eligibility requirements listed above.

You are responsible for any fees the City incurs for your stay if you are found to have submitted any fraudulent information.

Once you complete your reservation, you will receive a hotel booking confirmation email within 12 hours.

Rooms will be reserved for up to 14 days, but workers should only use rooms as needed. Extensions will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Incidentals are not included with your stay and the hotel may ask for a credit card upon check-in.

If you are employed or volunteering to provide care and/or provide services (clinical or nonclinical) in a healthcare, community-based or home-based setting within New York City and have questions about the program, please contact the program by emailing

Make your hotel reservation

Extend or modify your current hotel reservation