Housing New York 2.0

Housing New York 2.0
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Building on the foundation laid through Housing New York: A Five-Borough, Ten-Year Plan, Mayor Bill de Blasio released Housing New York 2.0, an extended plan to accelerate the creation and preservation of 200,000 affordable homes two years ahead of schedule, by 2022, and reach a new goal of 300,000 homes by 2026. The updated and expanded program will:

Put Seniors First

Serve more seniors through Seniors First—a three pronged strategy to preserve more of the senior housing originally developed through federal housing plans; to make homes more accessible to seniors and people with disabilities; and to develop new senior housing on NYCHA land.

Own a Piece of Your Neighborhood

Help New Yorkers own a piece of their neighborhoods through new Homeownership programs to build new condos and co-ops for first-time homebuyers and help existing homeowners make needed repairs to maintain the quality of their homes.

Develop Neighborhood-Based Anti-Displacement Strategies

Build a firewall against displacement in fast-changing neighborhoods through a Neighborhood Pillars program to help non-profit and mission-based organizations acquire rent stabilized buildings and keep them affordable.

Protect affordability at Mitchell-Lama buildings, particularly those most at-risk of being lost to the market through a Mitchell-Lama Reinvestment Program.

Crack the Code: Promoting Innovation in New Construction Methods

Seize on advances in technology and innovative design to expand modular building and micro-units that can lower the cost of construction, build new homes faster, and respond to the city’s changing demographics.

Unlock the Lots: Activating Underutilized Sites for New Housing

Unlock the potential of vacant lots by encouraging innovative proposals to build “tiny homes” and other infill housing on sites long considered too small or irregular, and developing more affordable housing on vacant land that is part of existing Mitchell-Lama or HUD-regulated complexes.

We inherited the world's greatest city from the generations that came before us, and it is our duty to continue taking decisive action to build a just, equitable, and prosperous city for generations to come. The accomplishments made to date have put us on the right trajectory. Thanks to the unprecedented collaboration of multiple City agencies, our counterparts in the Federal and State governments, and our many partners in the affordable housing community, we are ready to pick up the pace even further and chart a course for a more affordable future for our city.